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Facing a family law or divorce issue means that you’re facing one of the most difficult challenges of your life. I understand your situation. I know just how trying this time is for everyone involved, especially the children.

My name is Abi Adeusi, and I am here to provide personal counsel, steady leadership, and assertive representation. I have dedicated over ten years to specializing in separation and divorce law.

When facing divorce, separation, a child custody battle, or any other family law issue, you cannot afford anything less than exceptional legal representation. I have the experience and educational pedigree to provide you with only the best.

Please contact my office, so that my team and myself can discuss your unique situation and formulate a plan of action without delay.



Thank you very much you have been amazing. You and your team have been very calm and supportive during a difficult time for me and you have always responded to my messages quickly. I appreciate you taking the time to explain my options and to provide me with advice. Just so you know I have recommended you to anyone looking for a family lawyer.

- S.B. | MAY 2019

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