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An order for spousal and/or child support made in Ontario is enforced through the Family Responsibility Office (FRO), unless the parties opt out of this process. If your circumstances have changed, and you can no longer afford to pay the amount of support you have been ordered to pay, you can ask the court to reduce your monthly payments.

At Russell Alexander Family Lawyers, we provide help to individuals who can no longer afford to meet their monthly support obligations by asking the court to revisit their case and change their existing order for support. This is called a “motion to change.”

Unfortunately, individuals are often unaware of the fact that they may qualify to have their support obligations reduced by a court. In some cases, individuals will fall into arrears on their support obligations as a result, which can result in serious consequences, including the possibility of jail time.

Our firm often represents clients who have fallen into arrears on their payments with FRO. In these cases, we communicate with FRO on your behalf and attempt to negotiate a payment plan that is affordable to you. We also help clients who are facing having their driver’s license suspended by FRO.

Where a support payor has repeatedly failed to make their monthly support payment, FRO may initiate a Default Hearing. At this hearing, the court can order that if arrears are not paid in full, the support payor will be committed to jail time. Because these matters can result in serious consequences, and are often time-sensitive, you should immediately seek legal advice if you have fallen into arrears.

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