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Collaborative Law

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Collaborative Law: Tailored to You


Collaborative Law services are a fundamentally different approach to resolving family law matters where parties work creatively and cooperatively towards a mutually acceptable result. The collaborative law Whitby process is not a “battle”; rather it is a unique process for resolution that is efficient and settlement-focused. In the collaborative law Whitby setting, parties work toward a settlement that makes sense to them. This process is faster and less expensive than going to Court and, more importantly, is less destructive on family relationships.

What does the Collaborative Law Process Look Like?


This process looks much different than traditional court or lawyer to lawyer negotiations. The Collaborative Law Whitby process  is a round table discussion between parties and their lawyers where the parties outline what is important to them, discuss strategies, and create resolutions together. Family professionals may also be brought in to the table to be used as a shared resource during discussions. The team approach of collaborative law Whitby services provides you and your family’s needs are taken into consideration where everyone has a voice and everyone has input into creating a customized solution. By using a team of professionals (a Family Professional, Lawyers for each spouse, Financial Professionals, etc) the family’s legal, financial and emotional needs are addressed. You and your spouse pay one professional to deal with the issues in their area of expertise, rather than each paying a lawyer their higher hourly rate to complete these tasks, which ends up being much more cost-effective.

The parties sign a contract where they agree to work in a cooperative manner and provide full financial disclosure. Once discussions begin, parties work towards finding a fair, reasonable, and acceptable solution that works for their unique family relationship. Once a consensus has been reached on all the issues, the parties sign
a Settlement Agreement and can move on to the next chapter of their life. This process does not involve litigation, in fact, all the parties sign a contract agreeing not to
go to court. In this manner, there is no threat of litigation to derail open and honest discussions For more information about our collaborative law Whitby services,
be sure to contact us.

What Do Collaborative Law Service Providers Do?


A trained collaborative lawyer will provide you with legal advice on a continuous basis throughout the collaborative law Whitby & Peterborough process to keep you informed and to ensure that you are confident in making the right decisions for you and your family as you reach an agreement. Your collaborative lawyer is trained to be settlement-focused and keep your best interest in mind, while working with, not against, the other party’s lawyer to determine the best way possible to reach your desired result.

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